6 Key Factors That Can Relieve knee Pain

Knee pain

The key factors which help you to reduce your knee pain

Knee pain kills the mobility of the knee and makes life difficult.  Dr Kaushik Hazratwala, head of the orthopaedic department and knee replacement specialist at a well-known clinic in Townsville, Queensland says, “Knee pain is a major problem and knee problems have significantly increased over the last few years. Bad eating and an idle lifestyle may increase the chances of knee pain.” People who have been suffering from knee pain for a long time, Only knee replacement is the best option for them to relieve knee pain.

6 Key factors that can relieve knee pain

  • Losing weight is the best way to reduce knee pain.
  • Don’t do those activities that exacerbate pain
  • Keep yourself fit with non impact regular exercises like Cycling, swimming or rowing
  • You can take regular analgesia if required
  • Don’t delay to consider expert opinion to prevent irreversible damage from injury
  • Use “RICE” (Rest, ice, compression, and elevation), It helps to reduce knee pain. 

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